Friday, June 26, 2015

BOOKS!!! Update

I've updated the BOOKS!!! page with links to major retailers around the world for IMPULSE, STARBOUND, and SPEEDWING.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Update on the Events page for 2015!


Musings... NEWS FLASH!!!

Musings From The 21st Century will soon be moving back to active status as my primary individual web presence!

I've had up for a couple of years now, and quite frankly, I've been a little underwhelmed by the performance there. Couple that with problems with my webmaster in completing tasks and other issues, and I've simply decided to move back to familiar territory here on Blogger.

I will also be maintaining a personal Facebook page, as well as managing a page for The Lightship Chronicles series there. My @davebaraauthor Twitter feed has probably been my most successful social media outlet. I also maintain blogs and author pages on Goodreads and Amazon. But for now, everything will start from here, and then spread out to the other outlets. It's good to be back!

More to come,


Monday, January 13, 2014

RADCON Schedule

So I have my schedule for RADCON, 5 panels all on Fri-Sat, which will make it easy for me to make a quick escape on Sunday.
Some good topics, especially the Space Opera panel, which will rock for me, and the YA discussion.

RADCON is the Feb. 14-16 weekend in Pasco, WA. It would make a great Valentine’s gift for your sweetie!
The schedule, with comments:

Fri Feb 14 2:00:pm
Fri Feb 14 3:00:pm
Decisions, Decisions
When to keep writing, when to pull the plug, when to let a work sit and when to edit it, when to listen to critiques, when to query, when to publish ... writers have to make a lot of decisions. How professional writers approach the decision-making process, and how to keep hard decisions from interfering with the writing process. Good guys should not be boring, because they're not in real life
Bara, Dave Ceallaigh, Adriane Held, Rhiannon Nordley, Gerald David
My comments: I’ve only had one novel that I’ve shelved, St. Cochrane’s World, and one that is unsold (Void Ship) and on the sidelines until my current contract allows it to go out again. So I guess I’m not that good a reference for abandoning projects, but I should be able to add something to the conversation.

Fri Feb 14 5:30:pm
Fri Feb 14 7:00:pm
Space Opera
Laaaallaaaaa! Wait.. no singing? Join our writers as they share the who's who in space and what it means to write a space opera.
Bara, Dave Moscoe, Mike Nordley, Gerald David Wacks, Peter
My comments: Ahhh… should be a great panel with Mike Moscoe. Space Opera is still a going thing, that’s for sure. As to where it’s going…??? Face it folks, space opera sells. TV seems to have abandoned it for the moment, but it keeps selling in fiction.

Sat Feb 15 11:00:am
Sat Feb 15 12:30:pm
Young Adult Fiction
A quickly growing genre, what does it mean to write young adult fiction? Discuss the challenges and rewards of writing for young adults.
Alexander, Alma Bara, Dave Fredericks, Deby Thornbrugh, Kaye

My comments: Again, YA is a going concern, but where is it going? YA seems most popular with women, but where are the stories for boys? And will they read it again?
Sat Feb 15 5:30:pm
Sat Feb 15 6:30:pm
Space Colonies: The Ultimate Gated Communities.
Elysium not, but what might they be like? How would they be constructed? Would they be refuges for the one percent? Or dumping grounds for the lower 5%? Or that and everything in between. Would they be multibillion dollar investments or the cost of a few keystrokes to some space robot facility? Will the air-lock be a culture-lock as well?
Bara, Dave Gregory, Hugh Johnson, Judy

My comments: Had this same panel at Orycon. Could be fun.

Sat Feb 15 8:00:pm
Sat Feb 15 9:00:pm
Know What You Write
You could just wing it and make stuff up -- or you can research. When is Wikipedia appropriate and when should you dig deeper into actual books? How do you contact scientists and subject experts?
Bara, Dave Bond, Jason Andrew Dalmas, John Hill, Laurel White, Lori

My comments: It’s fiction, folks. Wikipedia rules! You don’t need to fly to London to tell a story about murders on Tottenham Court Road

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

20 Best Story Lines From BSG

Not much to argue with here, although I would have included the escape from New Caprica battle sequence as the show's best over the final battle at the Cylon Colony.

Also, I think the episode where Tigh killed Ellen for her betrayal of humanity was the show's finest moment, and deserving of all kinds of awards, including an Emmy.


Monday, December 09, 2013

On Another Note...

My Facebook peep Sarah Shanae is getting close to finishing, which will be launched soon! Watch this space for updates!



Just sent off the final revisions of IMPULSE to my agent, who will forward them on to my editor at DAW, Sheila Gilbert.

As a side note, today is exactly 4 YEARS since this novel originally went out on submission. I don't recommend the route I took, but it has had it's rewards!


Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Orycon Reminder

Just a reminder that I will be paneling this weekend at Orycon 35 at the Doubletree in Portland. Hope to see you there!